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Quality-development of Gender Mainstreaming

Starting point of the development partnership Quality Development Gender Mainstreaming: Concepts, Implementation, Evaluation is the experience that Gender Mainstreaming (GM) is a very complex strategy to achieve  equality in institutions, in organisations and on the labour market.

In spite of this complexity there are no universally recognized quality standards on the Austrian market today for the implementation of equality measures. This development partnership therefore considers it as its essential task to work on the quality development of this strategy in order to improve the effectiveness of equality measures.

Network of relevant players

Key players of public organisations, non profit and profit organisations in 5 sub-projects work on quality development of GM in the field of public funding, organisational development and GM consulting and training. They work out theoretical concepts and carry out pilot and training projects, which they execute and evaluate in their own and in other organisations.

The objective is an integrated approach for quality development:

  • Competences of experts are bundled,
  • Existing know-how and experience are combined,
  • Management competences and consulting services are analysed in regard to  equality efficiency
  • Guidelines are formulated.

Thematic focus of the sub-projects

Sub-project 1: Gender Theories and Indicators

  • Analyses of the current theoretical discourses on gender theories, gender concepts as well as the implication of gender theory models for GM and to make them useful for practical application.
  • Critical reflection of different GM concepts and design of consistent indicator and measuring systems as a basis for gender analyses.

Sub-project 2: GM in promotion and awarding

  • Three pilot projects are carried out with public institutions.
  • Objective is to develop exemplary and general concepts, which allow GM to be implemented in program planning, in calls for tenders and in the selection of awarding or promotion processes.


Sub-project 3: Quality Development GM for Organisations

  • Analysis and extension of common quality management systems in regards to their usability for the implementation of GM and the review of equality in organisations.
  • Review of the adapted systems and the newly developed quality standards in one or two selected organisations in the non profit, profit or administration field.
  • Redesign of quality systems on the basis of the results of the evaluation of these pilot projects.

Sub-project 4: Advanced training of executives, GM delegates, consultants, trainers

  • Quality criteria are elaborated and defined for the development as well as for the implementation of educational and training concepts.
  • Advanced trainings are developed and carried out for different working and occupational fields as well as for different functions (delegates, executives, consultants, trainers, experts…).


Sub-project 5: Quality assurance in GM consulting and gender training

  • Design of a web-based market analysis, which gives a detailed view on Austrian consulting and training offers in the field of GM.
  • Development of quality criteria for GM consulting and gender training in different professional fields in a „discourse of consultants“.
  • Set up of a networking structure (e.g. umbrella organisation).

Continuous theory – practice exchange

Theoretical results from the development process are continuously tested in a practical context. This regular feedback from practitioners is an essential element of the project and is assured through a series of workshops (platform) carried out with representatives of strategic partner organisations who are responsible for practical implementation of equality measures in their organisations.

Internationalisation of products

Common measures and strategies on the European level are developed in cooperation with partner organisations from Germany, the Slovak Republic, Poland, the Netherlands and Portugal. The aim of this cooperation is to place the products, which were developed in the development partnership, on the European market.

For further information please contact office@qe-gm.at

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